Final 3
Season Big Brother Minecraft
Members Andrew
Votes Against 4
HOHs 5
Times Nominated 5
Veto Wins 4
Lowest Placing Member Andrew (4/9)
Highest Placing Member Geremi (1/9)

The Final 3 alliance was an alliance that never actually ended up making it to the final 3, but was created on Week 5.



Creation Edit

The final 3 alliance was created after Justin tried to betray the Operation Defrost alliance. Geremi and Andrew had made a final 2 since the first night but they needed to flip Brendan against Justin in order to move further in the game. Justin was the biggest threat to Andrew and Geremi and they needed him out, they also figured that no one could beat him in the end.

Failure Edit

When Geremi won the Head of Household on double eviction night, he had no choice but to nominate Brendan alongside Justin. At the Power of veto, Justin won which left Geremi no other option but to put Andrew up as the replacement which left the Final 3 alliance in jeopardy. Justin cast the sole vote and evicted Andrew which ultimately broke up the final 3 alliance.

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