Big Brother Minecraft
Season 1 (2015)
Name Entered Exited      
Geremi Day 1 Day 40
Brendan Day 1  Day 40   
Justin Day 1  Day 39   
Andrew Day 1  Day 35   
Dylan Day 1  Day 35   
Mike Day 1  Day 28   
John Day 1  Day 21   
Dom Day 1  Day 14   
Jake Day 1  Day 7   
Jury Member

Big Brother Minecraft 1, was the first season of the Minecraft reality YouTube series Big Brother Minecraft. It premiered on June 28, 2015 and carried out for almost an entire year with the finale taking place on May 26, 2016.

History Edit

Production for the show began in Mid 2014 with the creation of the house taking place on the VideoGamer32000 fan server. Private games used to be hosted on there with Andrew's friends and fans of his YouTube channel. After hosting so many private games he thought of making it into a YouTube series on his channel. By January of 2015, Andrew and 8 of his other friends played in a Big Brother game and Andrew saved the chat log from that night and kept it and eventually created it into a scripted 16 episode series for his YouTube channel. In late January 2015, Andrew created the intro for the show which gave Andrew's viewers a sneak peek at what the show was going to be like. Andrew announced the launch date for the series to be in late June, 2015. Andrew began scripting the series in February, 2015 and would continuously non-stop scripting it up until April, 2016. Filming for the show began in Mid April, 2015 and continued up until May, 2016. The first episode of the show didn't get popular immediately, but instead after a year of being on YouTube it got very popular. A lot of controversy was taking over this season because of the fact that this season was in fact scripted, but it wasn't just scripted. After looking through chat logs and server private messages, Andrew was able to figure out what happened during each week of the private game they hosted back in the beginning of the year.

House Edit

2015-05-15 20.09.02

*Big Brother 16 (U.S.) house.

2015-06-15 19.57.39

*Big Brother 17 (U.S.) house.

The Big Brother Minecraft season 1 house was originally designed on July 14, 2014 to represent the Big Brother 16 (U.S.) house. Andrew (VideoGamer32000) created the house in just under a week. The original design of the Big Brother 16 (U.S.) was used for the first 6 episodes of Big Brother Minecraft 1. During episode 7 of Big Brother Minecraft 1, the Announcer told the house guests to go to the backyard and the house guests were surprised when the house was redesigned to look like the Big Brother 17 (U.S.) house. The new design was kept throughout the rest of the season and was then changed in Big Brother Minecraft 2. The reason for the change of house design mid-season was because the old house design was just not up to the standards that Andrew wanted for the show. For YouTube, the second house design looked a lot better compared to the first version that was used in the beginning of the season. A notible change that was added to the second version of the Big Brother Minecraft 1 house was that the slanted roof in the living room was removed and a sky bridge was contructed above the front door.

Twists Edit

  • Double Eviction: On week 5 the house guests went from having 5 people remaining to having 3 people remain due to the Double Eviction making the house guests play a whole weeks worth of Big Brother in 1 night.

Houseguests Edit

 Jury: Brendan 
 Jury: Geremi 
 Jury: Geremi 
 Jury: Geremi 
 Jury: Brendan 
 Jury: Brendan 
 Jury: Geremi 

Future appearances Edit

Since Big Brother Minecraft 1 was scripted and completely voice acted, the real Dylan only voice acted as himself for the first six episodes of the season. The replacement voice actor for Dylan ended up being Ryan from Season 2. In Season 3, Geremi hosted the famous OTEV competition. In Big Brother Minecraft 4.5, Andrew returned as a former houseguest.


Week 1 (Episodes 1-3)
9 Houseguests moved in to the Big Brother Minecraft house. Once the houseguests moved in they got to pick their beds and meet eachother for the first time. During the houseguest introductions, Brendan figured out that Dylan was smart and that Justin had very good endurance. Mike learned that John likes YouTube like he does and he learned that Andrew was from his hometown in New York.

Later on, the House guests went to the backyard and played in the first Head of Household competition of the summer.

  • Head of Household ("One in the Chamber"): Each house guest was equipped with a bow and an arrow at the start of the competition. To advance in the competition you must kill your other house guests in order to survive. The only downside is that you only have one arrow and the only way to get one is by killing another house guest. The 9 House guests are also equipped with an iron ax to get melee kills. The last house guest standing becomes the first Head of Household of the season.

Andrew ended up creating his own strategy going into the competition and he managed to win against Justin in the end of the competition. During the competition the house guests got to see how much of a threat Jake was after he targeted Brendan. Justin avenged Brendan and from there they became friends and they both started to not like Jake because of his cocky ego. That night after the competition ended, Geremi approached Andrew in the HOH room to try and make an alliance with him because he felt that he was a target because he was the oldest person in the house. Andrew agreed that they should work together and they eventually got Brendan and Justin in on their plans and they created an alliance together called Operation Defrost. Since Justin and Brendan had a strong dislike towards Jake they told Andrew that putting him up would be the best thing to do and he did exactly that when he nominated Jake and Dom for eviction.

  • Power of Veto ("Runner"): The house guests were forced to run on a platform that was slowly being destroyed as they ran on top of it. Players can easily cut eachother off making it easier to get who they wanted out.

Brendan was the winner of the competition and he decided not to use the veto after Jake called Brendan and asshole and a liar and exposed that there was an alliance in the house that Brendan was apart of. Jake was then evicted by a 5-1 vote, with only John casting his vote for Dom to be evicted because he wanted to know more info about the alliance that Jake tried to expose.

Week 2 (Episodes 4-6)
Following Jake's eviction, the HGs participated in the new HoH competition.
  • Head of Household ("Survival Games"): Each house guest starts out on their own platform in a circular formation. On go, the house guests had to fight to the death until there was one person standing. The last house guest remaining at the end would be crowned as the new HoH.

John won the competition, making the entire house shaken up because no one knew where his head was at. Last week before Jake got evicted, John wanted to find out who was in the alliance Brendan was in so he planned on getting out Brendan. Andrew came up with a plan to frame Dom to make it seem like he was also in the alliance with Brendan to keep more of his allies safe. Andrew told John that Brendan and Dom were aligned together and John believed it and nominated both of them, with his target being Brendan or Dom.

  • Power of Veto ("Spleef"): The house guests were all put on a mini island and the objective of the game was to break blocks under an opponents feet with a shovel to try and get them in water to eliminate them.

Andrew was the winner of the competition. With Operation Defrost still having majority of the votes going into the eviction, Andrew's alliance thought it would be pointless to even take Brendan off the block and show their cards to all the remaining house guests. Andrew decided not to use the veto and the nominations were kept the same. Dom was evicted with a vote of 3-2, with Dylan and Mike voting to evict Brendan.

Week 3 (Episodes 7-9)
Following Dom's eviction, the HGs participated in the new HoH competition.
  • Head of Household ("Hide & Seek"): As the outgoing HoH, John started out as a seeker and the rest of the house guests started out as random blocks and hid around the map. The objective of the game was to hide the longest and not get caught. The last person remaining at the end that doesn't get found becomes the new Head of Household.

Justin was the last block hidden and he won the HoH competition. After the competition, Brendan convinced Justin that John was the biggest threat to their alliance and that he needed to go. Justin decided to nominate John and Dylan for eviction, with John being the target. This caused Dylan and Geremi to get closer because Dylan got scared he might go home at the end of the week. Wanting to make bigger moves, Justin told Brendan that they should try to get Geremi out because of how strong of a player he is and how far he can potentially make it in the game, but he only wanted to do it if the veto was used somehow.

  • Power of Veto ("Spiderweb Relay"): In this competition, House guests needed to transfer three blocks of sand from start to finish while going through spiderwebs and cobwebs that were there to purposely slow down the house guests from completing the competition.

Geremi won the competition by a split second just beating Dylan and Brendan and Justin's plan of backdooring Geremi had just been ruined. Geremi confronted Justin about his suspicions about the backdoor plan to get Geremi out and Brendan ended up spilling the beans and the whole alliance ended up getting involved. Justin ended up admitting to the plan being made but it was only because he didn't want Andrew making it to the final 3. Geremi took the information in and decided to be civil with Justin. Even though Geremi was close with Dylan, he didn't want to risk the chance of Andrew getting put up as a replacement so he decided not to use the veto. John was evicted by a 3-1 vote, with Brendan voting to evict Dylan.

Week 4 (Episodes 10-12)
Following John's eviction, the HGs participated in the new HoH competition.
  • Head of Household ("Parkour"): The house guests had to compete against one another to try and get to the end of the parkour course. The first house guest to get to the end of the course became the new HoH.

Geremi got to the end of the course first and became the new HoH. After knowing that there was a secret plan to get him out last week, Geremi was out for revenge and wanted to get Justin out. Before nominations, Andrew convinced Geremi to stay loyal to the alliance even though they knew Justin was scheming against the both of them. Geremi listened to Andrew's advice and decided that it would be best to just take the safe route and nominate Dylan and Mike for eviction, with Mike being the target. Brendan became suspicious about there being a possible backdoor plan for either Justin or himself.

  • Power of Veto ("Dragons"): The house guests were thrown into a mini village that was being attacked by flying dragons that would destroy everything around them. The goal was to survive the longest and not get killed by any of the dragons.

Brendan won his second Power of Veto of the season with Dylan getting second place again. After the veto, Andrew and Brendan discussed that Dylan was a growing issue in the house with how close he keeps getting to winning competitions. After discussing what the best option was for this week, the obvious choice for Brendan was to not use the veto. Before the eviction, Justin got annoyed at Geremi, Brendan, and Andrew for being loud in the kitchen at night. Justin also found out from Geremi that he had a final 2 deal with Andrew and a final 3 with Andrew and Brendan. At this point, Operation Defrost turned their back on Justin. At the eviction, Mike was sent home with a unanimous vote.

Week 5 (Episodes 13-15)
Following Mike's eviction, the HGs participated in the new HoH competition.
  • Head of Household ("Wall Endurance"): House guests must stand upright against a wall while rain pours down above them and snowballs hit them in the face. The last houseguest standing becomes the new HoH.

Brendan outlasted his opponents and became HoH. During the competition, Justin made a deal with Brendan to make sure he wouldn't get nominated if he fell. After hearing the deal during the competition, Andrew figured that Dylan and one of themselves would be nominated. Before nominations, Andrew and Geremi talked to Brendan about how he should nominate Dylan and Justin together. Brendan took the advice from Andrew and Geremi and he decided to stick with them and nominate Justin and Dylan for eviction, with his target being Justin.

  • Power of Veto ("Zingbot's Circuit Board Maze"): The house guests were put into a maze the size of the backyard. The goal was to make it to the end of the maze first. The house guest that makes it to the end first wins the Power of Veto.

Justin won the power of veto. After Justin won the veto, Andrew and Geremi tried to compose a plan now that Brendan was going to have to name a replacement nominee. Justin decided to take himself off the block and Brendan named Andrew as the replacement nominee. Dylan ended up getting evicted after Brendan broke the tie, with Justin voting to evict Andrew and Geremi voting to evict Dylan. At the eviction the house guests were informed of a double eviction which sent the game into overdrive making the final 5 go to the final 3 in one night. Operation Defrost successfully got to the end of the game together with all 4 members making it to the final 4.

Following Dylan's Eviction, the HGs participated in the new HoH competition.

  • Double Eviction HOH ("Before or After"): The house guests had to figure out which events took place first in a questionnaire style competition. When a house guest answers a question incorrectly they get eliminated. The houseguest that lasts the longest without getting a question wrong wins the HoH competition.

Geremi won the competition and he immediately had to nominate Justin and Brendan for eviction, with his target being Justin.

  • Double Eviction POV ("Log Relay"): House guests must transfer 6 blocks of wood at the end of their lane back to their starting mat one block at a time. The first houseguest to complete this task wins the Power of Veto.

Justin won the competition and decided to remove himself from the block making Andrew the only possible remaining option as a replacement nominee. Andrew was evicted by Justin's sole vote after Justin tried getting him out for weeks and weeks.

Week 6 (Episode 16)
Following Andrew's Eviction, the HouseGuests engaged in the final 3 part HoH competition.
  • Head of Household, Part 1 ("Wall Endurance"): House guests must stand upright against a wall while rain pours down above them and snowballs hit them in the face. The last houseguest standing moves on to HoH, Part 3.

Justin won Part 1 of the grueling HoH competition. After that, Brendan and Geremi began Part 2.

  • Head of Household, Part 2 ("PvP sumo"): The two house guests had to fight on a small platform and try to hit eachother off of it. The last remaining house guest moves on to HoH, Part 3.

Geremi won Part 2 of the HoH competition and advanced to battle Justin in Part 3.

  • Head of Household, Part 3 ("Scales of Just-Us"): The house guests were required to guess how the juror completed each statement. The house guest with the most points after six questions will be the final Head of Household of the season.

Geremi became the final Head of Household by a score of 6-5. On Day 39, Geremi cast the sole vote to evict Justin to avenge Andrew, he became the final member of the jury. On Day 40, after receiving Dom, John, and Justin's votes, Brendan received $50,000 as the runner-up, Geremi received $500,000 and was declared the winner of Big Brother Minecraft. It was also revealed that Andrew won America's favorite HouseGuest and received $25,000.

Voting History Edit

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6

Day 28 Day 35 Day 39 Finale
Geremi Jake Dom John   Dylan  
Justin Winner
Brendan Jake   Dylan Mike Dylan    
Justin Jake Dom   Mike Vetoed
Andrew   Dom John Mike Rep Rep  
Dylan Jake Brendan        
Mike Jake Brendan John  
John Dom      
Key: Nominated HOH POV Holder Jury Member
Big Brother Minecraft Seasons
Episodic 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5
Streamed 4.5

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